Sunday, 19 February 2012

Beautiful Day in Paradise

It's hard for me to describe the views of sunrise and sunset. Every time I see sun struggling to come out from the clouds in the morning,I wonder how mesmerizing and fresh this place is. Often I sit beside the ocean on the beach and contemplate if this is not beauty then I don't know what is then. The kissing of the clouds and the mountain tops, chirping of humming birds, love hate relationship of the shore and the ocean and the free flowing and innocent and simple life of the resident describes the real beauty of Jamaica. Yesterday night our green castle group went out in town with Elaine who is one of our clients to enjoy the taste of local music, meet local people and get a better idea of our surroundings. It was a fun night where some of the students participated in the game of pool and local reggae was so nice of her to show us the local community and give us the chance to connect with them. It's been 3 days since we started our project in the full stride. Every thing is going to plan regarding our project and every one is so excited to be part of this great initiative. As of today, we are working in the development plan of Green Castle and Strawberry Fields Together. Some students are working in the  organization and re-evaluation of the  website for Strawberry Fields, while others are evaluating and analyzing the market strategy for the marketing plan which is directly related to Green Castle. Adios Ikram.

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