Friday, 17 February 2012

Hotel Mockingbird, Port Antonio, Jamaica

           Having spent just over twenty-four hours at Hotel Mockingbird, our team has already become well acquainted with owners Shireen Aga, Barbara Walker and their wonderful staff.

Hotel Mocking Bird Hill is a romantic 10-room, eco-chic hideaway nestled within 6½ acres of lush organic tropical gardens and trees on a hillside outside the capital of the parish of Portland, Port Antonio. It offers its guests a unique environmentally friendly setting providing intimate luxury boutique accommodation at a moderate price, and meeting all the needs of the modern traveler.

Our group of seven has begun interviewing the operators, their staff, and some tourists in order to absorb and understand the business from all possible perspectives. Along with these interviews, we have assembled as a group several times for brainstorming sessions, analysis discussions and to further delegate what needs to be developed in order to provide useful and helpful consulting recommendations.

Shireen and Barbara are extremely well spoken, well-read and very passionate individuals who are experts in their area of business. They understand value and strive to provide it in all areas of operation. So far it has been a pleasure and positive learning experience having them share their expertise with us.

The next few days will include completing more interviews, observing the hotel in operation and researching new avenues that have been brought to our attention. We have already come up with many interesting and highly feasible alternatives/recommendations for Hotel Mockingbird, and we will work to formalize them into formats that are efficient and effective for all stakeholders of the business. 
-Kris Brown 

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