Friday, 17 February 2012

The Green Castle Estate

We got our first look at Green Castle Estates today. We were lucky
enough to get a tour of the 1700 acre property from Tena and Brian.
They told us the history of Green Castle and how it came to be the
Eco-tourism resort it is today. The Estate has come through hard times
because of hurricanes and diseases destroying the plantation but it is
still standing as a gorgeous retreat.

After drinking fresh coconut water and trying coco as well our first
stop along the tour showed us the making of coconut oils. In true
environmentally friendly fashion, no part of the coconut is wasted in
the process.

The next stop was to show us the orchids they grow and
harvest for many different occasions. From here we went to the
beautiful coastline to see the 'Blue Hole'. It is an inlet carved by
the ocean that held calmer waters than the treacherous ocean itself.
It was unbelievable to see the power of the waves and the resulting
erosion of the rocks along the coast. At our final stop, Tena showed
us a very old windmill that the structure was still intact. It, along
with the army barracks, are remnants of the history this area has
endured. We also got a brief glimpse of the future development for the
resort that we are assisting with our research.

It was a very important day to become introduced to the business and
the history before really delving into the project. What is already
established is a wonderful property and estate house and with their
future expansion being planned, it could be a very successful resort.

If you want to get away from it all, enjoy a bit of seclusion and want
to embrace the Jamaican culture in bits.. Check this place out!

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