Thursday, 16 February 2012

Strawberry Fields Together!

After cruising the high-way at incredibly fast rates, passing people left and right, and then heading into the jungle to get to the resort, everyone was so satisfied and impressed by the beauty and freedom at Strawberry Fields Together! 

Located right on the coast, the team hopped off the bus and headed straight to the ocean! Words and pictures can't even express the beauty of this place; you have to come visit!  We sat down with Kim, the owner, and listened to the rich heritage of the location, and to hear her story and journey through the ups and downs of running a resort. The team also had the pleasure of meeting Crystal, a family friend of Kim's, to get some more insight on the business and get connected for future operations. We got to work right away on discussing and throwing out ideas of what projects we could undertake in our time here. We are really looking forward to what we can help Kim with over the next week.

The chefs at Strawberry Fields provided us with a delicious dinner that is typical for a Jamaican. It was great to experience eating like a local rather than the buffet style that we had at the inclusive resort. And of course, with great food comes great conversation. Maybe not the most typical topics, but it's been a fun night of sharing stories, cultures, ghost stories, love, aliens, reincarnation, etc. Don't forget the sing-alongs (Todd thinks he's R. Kelly).

Looking forward to more nights like tonight!!

Check out their website for more pictures and videos:

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