Saturday, 25 February 2012

Green Castle Estates Real Estate Development

Working in Jamaica has been a challenging and eye opening experience.
Trying to understand the perspectives and experiences of our clients,
while working with other students with different strengths and
weaknesses, backgrounds and expectations has made for a steep learning
curve. I find working with others in foreign environments brings out
my passions but also shows me there are personality flaws in my own
behavior. I want to work on being more patient, and also draw out
people's ideas and encourage them to develop their thoughts into
feasible alternatives.

The other day, 'tall man' took us out on a tractor ride through the bush to see
where the real estate development will be at Green Castle Estate. The
first phase has 71 lots, with spectacular views, but currently very,
very bumpy roads! We tried to work on the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis on the iPAD while we road around, but it was tricky!


As students,under the direction of John Nadeau , we are developing a marketing plan to determine who and how to best market this development. We've had a lot of laughs,
and a lot of scares ( maybe a bush rat siting stopped me from sleeping! ) while learning, discussing, growing,eating and living together. What an amazing experience we've had so far, and it's not over yet!

Yesterday, it was down to the wire to finish up the Marketing Report-I was feeling the pressure as we madly formatted and edited to get the report finished in time to leave with Elaine Russell, the General Manager! We continued to work late into the night after supper with some last minute edits and formatting, and finally sent a PDF file. It was really difficult to do, since we had been going back and forth from iPADs, Macs, and PC computers, but we did the best we could with what we had!

We had a blast at Green Castle, and I’m going to miss the people alot! Hopefully we’ll meet up again someday, maybe Elaine will come to Canada for a visit! I've been so blessed by the people here and our team-it's been a great experience so far and it's not over yet!

Be back at Nipissing on Tuesday!


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