Friday, 24 February 2012

Kwamen Falls


Ash Wednesday
Kwamen Falls

iLEAD team hikes along Jamaica’s beautiful north coast

Today we escaped from our work to explore Jamaica’s beautiful north coast on foot. We started out from Strawberry Fields Together with our local tour guide Trevor who led us into the tropical rain forest to explore its many wonders. To begin with we hiked down an old dirt road passing many friendly Jamaicans, than on into the large foliage that was so lush and green and kept us cool, all of us thankful to be in shorts instead of huge winter jackets.

The trails lead us up, down and around creeks along the ocean line where we got to explore glimpses of the sea. One hour into our hike we discovered an old church ruin, so we took a short break and had a quick photo shoot.:)

Finally we made it to the falls. Those of us brave enough jumped into the cold water that reminded me of Trout Lake in May, but it was worth every moment. When we made it back to Strawberry fields we ended our day with the best pizza in Jamaica, which was made in an old fashion wood oven. Jamaican me happy!

By: Juanita Muise

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